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Accent Reduction

  • Do people sometimes have trouble understanding you?

  • How often are you asked to repeat something you said?

  • Do you have to repeat yourself more often in phone calls than in face-to-face meetings?

  • Does your audience fully appreciate your skills and experience?

  • Do you use and understand local idioms and slang?


Professional speech coaching can help.


Your accent impacts your business career. When a significant part of a job depends on being understood – a heavy accent can limit career opportunities. In today's business environment, it is critical to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers and peers. A regional accent or (non-English) foreign accent can distract the listener and prevent your message from being understood and/or taken seriously.

Communication is so vital to business success and poor communication skills can mask an individual's real capabilities. Hundreds of Speaking Skills clients found their value was more recognized once their communication skills improved.

It’s a known fact that people tend to judge a speaker’s level of education based on an accent.

Sound as intelligent as you are!


  • Reducing foreign accents

  • Reducing regional accents

  • Improve telephone skills

  • Increase interviewing skills

  • Vocabulary, spelling, writing and grammar

  • Perfect pronunciation, tone, and emphasis

  • Use slang correctly

  • Develop natural intonation and stress patterns

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