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Meet Donna Fayad, the president and founder of Speaking Skills / Speak to Win, based in the New England area. Donna has a strong passion for helping others with their communication skills, and has achieved a Master's degree from Rutger's University in Speech-Language-Voice Pathology/Psychology.  She has worked with countless individuals, businesses, and groups over the last 30+ years. Donna has taught Communication Skills at Boston College and Business Communication / Negotiation Skills at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University). In addition, she has been a guest lecturer in Voice Pedagogy at New England Conservatory and Brown University.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations, groups, or individuals improve their speaking style with excellent, clear communication techniques.

Our team of consultants is accredited in business management, communication improvement, and speech language voice therapy.


We coach you to improve your interpersonal and professional speaking style, to overcome nervousness, to master vocal projection for any size audience, and to enhance your message and impact.

We teach organizations, groups and individuals to use proven and clear communication techniques. Your speaking strategies directly contribute to improved self-image, increased sales and better customer satisfaction. A higher career potential will be realized through better self-confidence and skill in one’s ability to communicate effectively.

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